I'm guessing that one the subjects mut 23

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Madden 23 coins are a currency in the popular NFL game Madden, where players can buy packs to test your luck, or safely buy cards directly.


I'm guessing that one the subjects mentioned during discussions was you being arrested back in 2013. Was the subject brought up Mut 23 coins?

Of course it was. Yes, I was arrested. Each team brought it up and asked me about, and I answered them with the exact same answer.

I didn't hide from it. I accepted on the burden of it

It's just what it is. It was a reality. I gained lots from it and it was one of the most positive effects that I've had gone on in
my life even though it was negative in the moment when it took place.

How did that turn into an advantage for you?

You'll realize that you had only one chance, one opportunity, and I was fortunate enough to get another opportunity to work at
University of Washington. University of Washington. It is a learning experience to be a positive influence. I try to inform kids
that they are high school students. I've talked to several high schools on the consequences of drinking and driving, and how it
impacts people as well as how you could hurt your self, cause harm to others or your family.

The best part is that it happened prior to when I had even made it to Madden NFL 23. I accepted responsibility for it. I didn't
run away from it. I accepted the responsibility for it and I moved on.

You've mentioned being an adult mentor for children. Do you know anyone that has been an instructor to you?

Really? No. I tend to follow my coach, Steve Sarkisian and Doug Nussmeier who is now the offensive coordinator at Michigan while
they were with me I just followed the way they worked buy madden nfl 23 coins. Therefore, I tend to emulate them.