When users play golf on such a lawn, they feel happy physically and mentally, and can be more involved and immersed in the joy of sports. The diamond-shaped grass silk prevents it from excessively reflecting light and hurting the user's eyes in the sun, and we have added anti-UV ingredients to each grass silk, which makes it have a long lifespan even in the hot sun. Our Autumn grass range is uniquely designed with lighter materials to replicate the look of an incredibly healthy lawn. Without sacrificing any durability or quality, we are able to create lawns that look sophisticated and lightweight. It's a great option for backyard areas that homeowners don't want to maintain.

Don't say you never thought about it. At some point, you may wish to have your own golf course in your back garden. While installing a fully functioning golf course is not realistic for most of us, it is perfectly realistic for anyone with the space to install their own putting green. Talk to us about installing a putting green in your yard and start practicing chipping instead of mowing.

Product SpecsZJ3919-30
Total Weight86oz.
Pile Height15mm
Warranty5 years
Roll Width2m/4m
Blade TypeCompletely Curved

-What鈥檚 your return policy?
-If the inspection after receiving the product finds that our product has obvious quality problems, it is also confirmed that the quality problem is due to our factory. Then we support returns, and we can exchange if there is demand.Golf Grass made in China