Product Description
Phillips Cross countersunk head tapping screws are high-strength and durable fasteners for sheet metal applications. In order to provide a perfect fit, the countersunk variant of the Phillips screw must be used with the counterbore. The use of these screws requires pre-drilling. The screw itself has a gradual thread and can be easily installed on the guide hole. This allows screws to be used for high-precision applications, such as the assembly of machines and electrical components. The basic characteristics of these screws are well-spaced threads and pointed tips, which are called "ring points".
Product Details
Drive StylePhillips
Head typeCountersunk head
ThreadingFully threaded
System of MeasurementMetric
Thread DirectionRight Hand
Tip typePointed
Thread SpacingCoarse
MaterialStainless steel 304
Surface TreatmentPassivated
Product equipment
Stainless steel screws have good chemical resistance and are ideal for ACQ-treated (arsenic-free) wood. All are tilted under the head for countersinking. They press the thread into the material to ensure a firm fixation. To prevent splitting, drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screw. They may be slightly magnetic. The length is measured from the top of the head.
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